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I got my start in hide tanning at the Rabbitstick Rendezvous back in 2005. Ever since, I have been practicing my skill at this craft, learning how to tan a wide variety of animals from moose to squirrels. The majority of the tanning I do is brain tan or what is also called smoke tan or Indian tan. Basically the style of tanning done across much of Native America for thousands of years. This style of tanning was however, not limited to North America. Various cultures all over the world used different emulsified oils (like brains, eggs, fat, fish oils, plant oils) to work into a hide when softening it and then later smoke the hide. It is perhaps the oldest form of making skins soft for clothing, shelters, bags, etc. 

Much of the tanning I do is making buckskin from whitetail and mule deer hides. I also enjoy the challenge of making replicas of original rawhide parfleche folders (these I don't sell).  Please check my Etsy Shop for what items I have in stock or feel free to contact me for custom orders.

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